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Check out your Lawyer!

Dealing with the intellectual class called Lawyers is a privilege, use the privilege well. Value your time and value your lawyer- know him well, his expertise before entrusting him your case.

It is easy to get baffled by the google ratings, the length and practice does not really reflect the expertise of the lawyer but his experience does. In today’s age of digital marketing, it is easy to get lured by results popping up by search engines. So, how do you know that you are trusting your case with the best. SIMPLE.

Simply look up the court site where your lawyer’s practice is based. Log in his/her name and see the number of cases to his credit where you want to utilize his expertise. To locate your lawyers expertise for a cheque bouncing case, look for the number of cases dealt by him (experience) U/s 138 NIA rather than going by the total number of cases to his credit or you may later realize that your lawyer is an expert dealing in civil matters. Recommendations through friends/relatives/colleagues may be a good finder but the best find is through reality check of his work experience in the area of expertise sought by you. After all, it is your case and you have to bear the consequences of your right / wrong choice. Due diligence is the key.

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