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Remarriage for Divorcees – How to make it Possible?

Yes, by all means…

It’s a powerful institution. But Always! Always! Always! Always! give it time. Don’t jump for the 1st person you meet after your divorce. Many women marry the person they know while going through the process of divorce, misreading the support as care and affection only to find themselves in the same situation they wanted to exit from. The shoulder you get to cry on is not the next proposer.

So… Wait! Wait! Wait! please wait to find your own bearings before committing to another bad episode of life.

Enjoy being ALONE, Enjoy the SPACE you craved for, and TRAVEL with friends you always wanted to. Look for no partner, Step out of the scanner and live YOUR LIFE, YOUR WAY, YOUR RULES, YOUR SPACE and be the person that you really were and always yearned to be.

The right partner will walk in, so take time to commit again and fly away together.

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