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……goes the old saying. A lot of clients approach for consultations but when it comes to fees, faces fall - CONSOLIDATED ONE TIME ADVANCE UP FRONT shocks them. Truly understandable. But then they return after 1.5 years - 2 years to looking to change their lawyer - paying the same consolidated fees and they have already paid to the other lawyer too. What business sense does it make to them. (That the case is already ruined and now at a critical stage is totally another issue). It's worth sharing notes with someone who has already done the invoice amount + per hearing format of fees to know their total outgoing amount and comparing it with the consolidated format of fees. but then their apprehension “what if you are not up to the mark”. Well - choose your lawyer well - go not for the number of online Google reviews, also find time to talk to at least two people writing the reviews to take good feedback on the lawyer and the services.

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