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Reasons for Divorce in India

“GROOMING” is the one word I say.

Our minds are subconsciously conditioned in the families, we live in that one spouse has to dominate the other. And so the struggle starts – who is going to dominate and who is going to tow the line? Both partners being equally qualified, earning, social standing, strong family background……all support the power tussle to dominate and fuel the ego.

Cases before the courts are never much more than ego clashes between the couples and their families. The tugging questions are “How dare he”, “How dare she”, “How could she”, “How could he”, “Why should I bend?” - causing a huge crisis in the institution of marriage.

Present-day adults are not committing to marriages, preferring a live-in without commitments. Ironically, they are willing to give the other partner respect and space in a live-in but not in a marriage.

We can still salvage the situation only if the grooming/conditioning is to give respect and space to everyone at all times in the relationship.

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