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Mind Your Language!



Tathastu ! Your long pending desires are being fulfilled, courtesy Lockdown due to Covid -19. Spouses are giving more time to each other - even extra time and overtime. Children are attending schools as well as doing homeworks and are at home too. This is the right time to build relationships and improve understandings. REPAIR YOUR RELATIONSHIPS.

Not asking you to be tolerant of each other, you don’t have to, if you just watch out YOURSELF.

Overload of work can be delegated, distributed- better just pick up, who can do what best. Expression of Frustrations combined with a loud volume and shallow language is a recipe for DISASTER. If we only promise ourselves to not go high on volume and observe silence, and in the least put a thought to our words before delivering them, it would give everyone a PEACEFUL, QUALITY DAY spent with family. Also remember – a family which prays, eats and plays together stays together. Keep an hour of family time for games, even if it means losing a game of Carom or Ludo or Chess. Isn’t that what everyone DESIRES – A HAPPY FAMILY. Otherwise the Courts are opening soon….. Choice is yours.

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