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Matrimonial Laws in India – Are They Biased?

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

The blog contains my personal views and opinions and is no reflection on any person/ authority/ legal scene in India or anywhere.

Well, I strongly feel that many provisions of law have been made to protect the rights of women who have had a rough deal in marriages. The society being man dominated always assigned a backhand role to woman where she has been a homemaker for centuries. Even with a career oriented woman, the role of a home maker has stayed.

The reason being among Hindus, marriage is an institution and not a contract- the sacrament sees marriage as a bond of seven ages in the least. The burden is on the women to make it work. The burden of home making, raising children in nuclear setup, changing expectations of husband has put a lot of stress on the woman to deliver.

The sacrifices of giving a career by woman in the homes or taking a back seat is taken for granted. Frustrations build up and relationships are bursting at the seams. Old age expectations coupled with new age deliverables are taking a toll on marriages and confused career driven homemakers feel victimized at the hands of rigidly groomed men.

Frustrations, feeling of worthlessness and vengeful behaviour-such mind sets use the provisions of law ruthlessly for their pound of a flesh. Law may be neutral or fair but the deal to men is raw, the mind sets are biased and achieves nothing.

With changing scenario, one has to be sensitive to the grievances of the other spouse also, he may not always be the perpetrator contrary to the popular and suited perception. The higher seated ones need to look eagerly into the matters to rightly snub wrong users of law sternly while holding up justice. Interestingly, most of the matrimonial disputes are settled outside the court between the parties and not inside the courts.

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